How can we transform our services?

The Cumbria Production System is part of how we can successfully support change:


The changes you may be involved in could be at service level in your setting; a GP practice, acute or community services.  Or, some of you may be involved in large scale change projects, for example: redesigning a care pathway or developing Primary Care Communities.  The three elements of the transitional model above are vital factors, proven to work together to achieve effective and sustainable change.  For any change, large or small, you need to know, what you are trying to improve (Vision), how you will know that a change is an improvement (Method – Cumbria Production System) and how to take everyone with you (Culture – Our Compact).

It can be difficult to know where and when to start and what tools can be used.  Experiences from our organisations suggest that the following approach is helpful.

  1. Think ‘just do it’ and use Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle thinking.  PDSA cycles underlie all improvement work.
  2. Start with Waste (what are we doing that we can stop or reduce?) and staffs’ own ideas.
  3. Learn and practice ‘5S’ (standardisation is OK!).
  4. Pick a process to improve and map it – get a sponsor to define goals (diagnosis and investigation and data).  Process maps are a key tool to help you understand what you are doing and how you can improve it.

CLIC can also help you and your teams to facilitate Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) that use Cumbria Production System tools.