3.1. Waste, waste wheel, waste walk

Eliminating waste with a focus on value for the customer results in improved quality, safety, efficiency and customer / staff satisfaction.

One way of clarifying waste is by categorising them like this (TRIM WOOD):

  • Transportation

  • Resource
  • Inventory

  • Motion

  • Waiting

  • Over-production

  • Over–processing

  • Defects



WASTE WALK TEMPLATE – for improving and eliminating waste


Example of this waste in your

work/home environment

1. Transportation

Unnecessary transferring, picking-up, setting down or movement of customer/patient/information/items

When customer/patient information/items get handled by too many staff without adding value


2. Resource

Underutilisation of resources – physical and people

Managers not listening to issues raised by the staff or not getting them involved in improvement work


3. Inventory

Maintaining unnecessary amounts of people, items or information. Having more on hand than what is needed and used

Excessive stock in store rooms not being used; customers waiting in a queue


4. Motion

Unnecessary movement of staff or that is done too slowly or quickly

Staff walking to other end of department / building to pick up equipment or paperwork


5. Waiting

People waiting for things or information to arrive or services waiting on people to arrive

Service users waiting for appointments, visits, procedures


6. Over-Processing

Activities which are over-prepared, over-handled, duplicated, don’t add value but add cost

Asking service users for details several times, emails – reply to all, chasing up information / appointments


7. Overproduction

To produce a quantity that exceeds the need or demand

Duplicating recording of information, multiple forms / leaflets same information



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