What is the Cumbria Production System?

CLIC, working with all the organisations in the health and care system in Cumbria, have developed an approach to productivity and continuous improvement called the Cumbria Production System (CPS).


CLIC aims to work with the Alliance to develop and implement the Cumbria Production System to:

  • Help you to use and develop the knowledge and skills in improvement that you may already have
  • Support you to learn, master and apply modern improvement methods
  • Help you to improve your job
  • Understand and use existing good practice
  • Together, develop and improve the Cumbria Production System – using the best of what we have
  • Focus our efforts on service priorities 


What is the Cumbria Production System?

  • A way of working to support improvement and innovation across health and social care in Cumbria.
  • A ‘toolkit’ of tried and tested tools that can give guidance to help support improvement work and problem solving and resolve issues within health and social care.


Why do we need it?

Improvement is not just about ‘making things better’ by doing the same things and ‘trying harder’. Continuous Quality Improvement needs a new set of knowledge and skills and the Cumbria Production System is part of developing these skills: 

  • To help support sustainable improvements in quality of care
  • To build our problem solving capability across the Alliance organisations
  • To enable all of us in the health and social system to continue to improve
  • To develop a common improvement language that we can all begin to understand and share
  • To help define the building blocks for some of the skills needed for improvement