When should you use the tools?

What are we trying to improve and why? (problem, issues and the root cause)
What demands on our services can we change or better manage? Demand analysis
Can we organise our workplace to help us work more efficiently? 5S
Are our processes working as best they can do deliver value to our customer? Process mapping, Value stream mapping
Are we missing opportunities for improvement by walking right past them? Waste wheel
Are we seeing what our customers see, and when we solve problems, are they solved? PDSA, Customer Journey Mapping
Where are we now? (current state)
5Whys, Process mapping, Waste wheel, Value stream mapping, Measuring for improvement, PDSA, A3
Where do we want to be? (future state)
Process mapping, PDSA, Value stream mapping, A3
How do we know that a change is an improvement? (measure it)
Measuring for improvement, PDSA
How do you take people with you?
Stakeholder analysis
How successful were we at achieving our aim and what can we learn? (learning)
After action review