Larch A/B Ward improvements:

After yet another successful Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) on Larch A/B Ward at the Cumberland Infirmary, in April 2017, the Ward has made some fantastic achievements in line with the initial targets set at the beginning of the week.

The changes and improvements made, included:

  • Handovers between nurses now take place at the patient's bedside giving them the opportunity to be more involved with the staff, helping to build rapport with patients
  • There will now be a computer on wheels in every bay so that if nursing staff are filling in necessary paperwork they are still readily available their patients
  • A reduction in any unnecessary or duplicate paperwork
  • Aiming to have discharge documentation and any 'take home' medication ready within one hour of the patient being ready for discharge
  • Aiming to discharge a third of patients ready to go home before midday which benefits the patient who no longer needs to be in hospital and any patients who require a bed.

Next Steps:

The team will now hold 30, 60 and 90 day reviews to monitor progress and ensure that all improvements identified are followed and implemented.