Nonviolent Communication in the Workplace (November 2016 - Day 1)

Cumbria Foundation Level Workshop, developed by the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Our experience is that life has become complex and somewhat stressful for many people. At times it seems that there is a simmering rage in society. It seems that people's most fundamental needs, for example for respect and care, aren't being met, nor are they being heard.  We see this is happening within families, relationships, workplaces, schools and on the streets. Mindfulness and meditation practices are helpful for many but are by and large solitary experiences. Restorative Justice has principles of listening and resolving issues but isn't widely practiced.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg offers the tools and skills to empower and transform our relationships and build more harmonious communities. The understanding and theoretical model is simple to learn though may be harder to put into practice especially if you are keen to change the culture of your organisation! 

The link below is a to a programme on Great Lives on BBC Radio 4 on 31st August which describes Tony Hawk’s journey into understanding and using NVC and a description of the work that Marshall Rosenberg did bringing peace to the most violent of conflicts. 

Our intention for this NVC workshop is to create a space to come together for learning and practice of a new way of working and relating to each other and colleagues. 

Over the two days we will learn a different and inclusive way of communicating that could help us address and resolve conflict in our workplaces. Starting with small changes in how we communicate, we believe we can create an impetus for change to more compassionate organisational cultures.

Our hope is that this might be an exciting beginning for building an NVC community in Cumbria

The outcomes of the training days will be: 

  • an understanding of the link between our shared human needs and how we interact and communicate
  • an understanding of how our own judgements and expectations get in the way of getting ours and others’ needs met
  • practicing the skills of NVC empathic listening
  • learning to give and receive feedback with mutual respect
  • beginning a conversation about how to translate this into work life (to mend bullying cultures for instance)
  • exploring the potential and the possible obstacles for organisational change
  • setting up buddying and mentoring groups across Cumbria to support and embed change

This workshop is relevant for: NHS employees, social care staff, voluntary sector staff, schools, faith and church based mediators, police, probation, Local Authority and other statutory organisations.

Our hope is that people will be able to come with a colleague or ‘workplace buddy’ to support the practices learnt on the course being maintained back in the workplace.


NVC Workshop Facilitators:

Liz Kingsnorth “Sharing NVC brings me joy! I love its liberating blend of robustness with lightness, and the astonishing change it can bring to relationships and communities, and to our understanding of how we tick.  I find this approach has a natural affinity with my long-time meditation practice of Heartfulness. I have had my own organisational consultancy for about 25 years and have been a CNVC certified trainer since 2003. For the past 9 years I have divided time between working with a large community in Chennai, India, offering workshops in UK, relishing my garden in Edinburgh, and having adventures with my four heavenly grandchildren in Australia!”

Sarah Ludford came across Nonviolent Communication in 2001 as part of a coaching course. She was struck immediately by its simplicity and its power to transform relationships. Sarah says 'NVC supports me to be really connected in myself, grounded in my needs, and present to myself and others. By focusing on creating connection first, we can engage in a way that makes space for everyone's needs to be included, as we work towards solutions.' A CNVC certified trainer, Sarah shares NVC with individuals and organisations across the North West. She is known for the tender quality of her listening and her willingness to be vulnerable within Leadership. Sarah lives in a community and is interested in creating systems within organisations and communities that support change to happen more easily.



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Event Details

Event date 07-11-2016 9:30 am
Event end date 07-11-2016 4:15 pm
Individual Price £140.00
Haydock Centre, St Catherine’s Church, Drovers Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9EL
Haydock Centre, St Catherine’s Church, Drovers Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9EL
Haydock Centre, St Catherine’s Church, Drovers Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9EL