Karen Morrell

Managing Director

North Cumbria Primary Care Alliance (NCPC)

In this Learning from COVID-19 Improvement Story, we hear from Karen Morrell, who describes the ways in which NCPC GP practices worked differently during the pandemic:

Why was change needed?

As a result of the unprecedented crisis situation brought about by COVID-19, changes to ways of working in primary care were rapidly required in order to ensure that both patients and staff were supported. An increased use of technology (e.g. remote consultation), as well as trying out new improvement ideas, meant that patients could continue to access the care they needed in the safest possible way. In addition, staff were incredibly resilient and resourceful, really working together as a team to problem solve in ways that they have never had to before.

What impact did it have?

Many of the changes that were made have been very positive. Patients have had continuity in their care, and have often been able to access an appointment more quickly and conveniently. Both triaging and listening skills have improved, as it has been more imperative than ever to determine the right course of action for an individual. Overall, some great feedback has been received during this incredibly challenging time. 

How will this be sustained?

Karen is keen to foster the team working and problem solving culture which has come about as a result of the pandemic. Whilst use of technology will never fully replace face-to-face consultation, it is certainly complimentary, and there is a keenness to embed elements of this moving forward. 



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