We all need to feel we belong, it’s a fundamental part of our human nature - neuroscience shows we are ‘wired’ for it. I am sure that, at some time in our lives, we have felt the personal pain of exclusion too.

When we belong in our workplace we feel welcomed, listened to and heard, we feel safe enough to be ourselves and to express our opinion. Even though we are all different people we feel included and that our contribution is valued, our oxytocin is boosted and it feels ‘good’. On top of that, the people who use our services receive better care and experience and organisations keep their staff – we all win!

In society too, when we come together and feel part of a community we know we can do great things - the covid-19 pandemic showed us that. Yet it has also highlighted that societal events such as pandemics can impact us all differently and to varying degrees. We know that when societies are ‘unequal’ there are more mental health issues, higher rates of disease and premature deaths. 

If we really want to make a difference to the wellbeing and happiness of people in north and west Cumbria, we need to think about the needs of individuals and the impact of our service on everyone.

How can we be sure that we are reaching and meeting the needs of everyone who would benefit from our care? How can we be sure that the positive changes we think we are making are not actually disadvantaging some groups within our communities?

Over the next few weeks CLIC will be focusing on inclusion and encouraging you to see through other’s eyes.

We will be sharing with you opportunities to learn more about how to create a more inclusive workplace, and personalise the care that we give through online training and lunch and learn sessions. We will also be spotlighting stories of the work we are doing in north and west Cumbria to reduce inequalities and develop services that meet the needs of all in our communities.

Book your place on training & events

We have pulled together the latest #inclusivity learning and development opportunities that are available to health and care staff/volunteers in north and west Cumbria. 

From career conversations, gender identity, deaf and neurodiversity awareness, and allyship, there's something to on offer to provide you with new insights and deepen your understanding.

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Access learning opportunities from the NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy learning hub provides easy access to learning materials for health and care staff.

Their bitesized learning, along with their inspiration library enables individuals to develop new skills, increase awareness and understanding, and ultimately thrive in the workplace.

***Returning summer 2022! The Stepping Up Programme - Stepping Up is a 5-month leadership development programme for minority ethnic colleagues who work within healthcare (the NHS or an organisation providing NHS care)***

You can also watch back the NHS North West Leadership Academy's Inclusive Leadership Masterclass 'How to develop a culture that promotes intentional inclusion'.

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Learning from lived experience

Learning from lived experience is a fantastic way for us to gain insight into the experiences of and challenges faced by others. There are unique stories and perspectives everywhere we look, and it is the responsibility of all of us to listen to others with compassion, taking action to create more welcoming and inclusive environments for both our colleagues and for patients/service users.

During our focus on inclusivity, we'll be sharing some powerful stories from colleagues working for North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT (NCIC):

  • Johnny Nyaaba, Moving to Cumbria from Ghana
  • Rachael Ridley, Transitioning in Cumbria
  • Zoe Fullagar, Supporting your LGBT+ Child

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Staff networks

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT's (NCIC) staff networks meet on a monthly basis via Microsoft Teams, and provide support and engagement opportunities for those employed by the Trust (as well as those who work for NHS North Cumbria CCG):

  • LGBT+ Staff Network
  • Accessibility / Disability Staff Network
  • Cultural Diversity Staff Network
  • Armed Forces Staff Network

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Inclusivity case studies

There is lots of fantastic work happening in our local health and care system (and beyond!) to achieve better inclusivity for the people who use our services - take a look at some examples below:

Find out more about co-production here...

Inclusivity video resources - LGBT+ and anti-racism

There are lots of great video resources out there that can help deepen our understanding of the inequality and injustices that people in our society face.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Real things straight people say
  • Using pronouns
  • 5 tips for being an ally
  • Are you racist? 'No' isn't a good enough answer
  • Everyday racism: what should we do?

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