Personalised care means the planning and delivery of care based on what matters to the individual and their own strengths and diverse needs.

CLIC are here to provide the tools and training which will enable staff and volunteers across the Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop and deliver their Personalised Care skills whatever role they play in a service user’s journey.

Monthly Focus - autism awareness and support

As April incorporates #autismawarenessweek2022, this bulletin focuses on autism awareness and support. 

One to watch

Working with people with autism: the autistic perspective (11 minutes)

In this film, we see how Scott, a man with autism and learning disabilities, and Marie, a professor with Asperger’s Syndrome, learn to make sense of society, with the support of colleagues and family members. Scott’s parents speak of the rituals he employs to cope with daily life and the behaviours that are triggered when the world does not make sense to him.

Marie talks of the challenges she faces in learning the rules of professional communication and the techniques she uses to interact with others and manage her anxieties. She makes the point, however, that these anxieties come about because society does not yet understand people with autism, and disables them as a result.


Understanding Autism

Understand more about autistic people from autistic perspectives with this CPD-certified course.

What topics will you cover?

  • What is autism
  • Social communication skills
  • Sensory sensitivities and repetitive behaviours
  • Co-occurring conditions
  • Strengths and challenges of autistic people
  • Lived experiences of autistic people

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National Autistic Society: 

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has some excellent resources around personalised care and planning for people with autism. This can be accessed via: 

Opportunities for staff in personalised care / ARRS roles


Supporting Patients into Volunteering Training

24th May 2022 │ 12noon-13:00 │ Virtual: Microsoft Teams

Join Cumbria CVS to find out how you can support patients into volunteering. If you are a Care/Frailty Co-ordinator, PCN Health Coach, Care Co-ordinator, Social Prescriber, MacMillan or a Living Well Coach then this session is for you! Also hear a person’s journey through the service and from Age UK.

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New to Primary Care - Navigate the Primary Care landscape - Training specifically designed to support staff undertaking ARRS roles

This training is designed to be delivered over 2 half days MS Teams (both are morning sessions). The sessions move from the general principles of team engagement and personal skillsets, to more specific support to help you orienteer your way through Primary Care. Session Outcomes:

  • Feel confident in your ability to adapt to working in a Primary Care setting
  • Understand how your ARRS role fits into and supports the overarching workforce within your Practice or Primary Care Network
  • Become more familiar with the language used and de-myth those acronyms
  • Learn how to access professional and peer support and the wider system as a whole
  • Deepen your understanding of some of the challenges whilst working in General Practice and Primary Care and develop skills to manage some of these pressures
  • Be confident in your ability within your new role to ask for support, should you ever require it

Cohort 2

Session 1: Friday 22nd April 2022

Session 2: Friday 6th May 2022

To book your place or request further information please email 

Supporting NHS colleagues to handle difficult situations with compassion (provided by Escalla training)

What you will gain from attending:

  • An understanding of what we mean by compassion and the types of difficult situations our NHS colleagues may face
  • Time to practice skills and techniques that will support you to handle these difficult situations safely and with compassion
  • Engagement with colleagues across your region and the opportunity to learn from shared experiences
  • Up-to-date information on the national health and wellbeing support offers available to you and your colleagues 

The training will run for 3 hours and colleagues will need permission from their line manager to attend the full session.

How do I sign up? To view the available dates in your region, please visit:

Useful resources for all

NHS England resources on Personalised Care:

Personalised Care Institute (PCI):

Opportunities for all staff and volunteers

Watch this video to learn more about what Personalised Care is and how it can make a difference:


Making Every Contact Count

Make Every Contact Count (MECC) enables the delivery of consistent and concise health and wellbeing information and encourages individuals to engage in conversations about their health at scale across organisations and populations.

Making Every Contact Count - elearning for healthcare (

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact – Personalised Care Project Lead, or