This latest short video from the Health Foundation tells the powerful story of the Recovery college. Established in 2013, the college provides a safe, supportive space where people with mental health problems learn to manage their own recovery. Supported by peers, patients become students and learn new skills, techniques and knowledge. One student shares her experience of how the college has changed her life.

The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. The Health Foundation is working jointly with NHS England to develop the Q initiative, a UK wide initiative to connect people skilled in improvement.

As part of developing the Q initiative locally, the Academic Health Sciences Network for North East and North Cumbria (AHSN-NENC) has bid successfully for funding from the Health Foundation to develop a survey to identify people in the region with improvement expertise. The survey is structured across five pages and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. The pages are: 

  • About the survey - which provides background information and requests consent for your data to be shared with the survey sponsors and funders
  • About you - which asks about your current roll and contact details
  • Technical QI skills and qualifications - which asks about your knowledge, experience and qualifications in QI tools and methods
  • Leadership and management skills - which asks about your knowledge and experience in leading, managing and influencing improvement
  • Learning and knowledge capture skills - which asks about your knowledge and experience of knowledge capture, group learning and evaluation of improvement programmes

To help us to understand the quality improvement landscape across North East and North Cumbria, we'd be grateful if you would complete the survey which can be found at: 

If you know of a colleague who may be interested in completing the survey, please share the link.

Since Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative’s (CLIC’s) inception in Autumn 2013, significant progress has been made in the development of CLIC as a resource for all staff in support of driving a positive transformation in health and social care across Cumbria.

This Six Month Report (available to download below) describes our Learning and Improvement Collaborative’s activities and progress during the first six months of the year. It includes key milestones and achievements, and most importantly, highlights what health and social care staff have accomplished with our support.


This latest video from the Health Foundation, 'Bottoms up', features a range of innovations across a trust in Northern Ireland. People at all levels within the trust are supported to try new ideas as part of a programme to improve the safety, quality and experience of care, transforming the culture of the organisation. Their initiatives range from a new app to help children in care, to a checklist designed to reduce the risk of patients developing kidney infections in hospital.

Inspired to try out your own improvements? Visit our Cumbria Production System (CPS) and Leadership pages to access useful tools, register to attend one of our learning events, and share the projects you're working on.

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