CLIC Talks

Welcome to our CLIC Talks.


We have captured some of the stories from our teams in North Cumbria who are trying to work in a different way across our remote and rural area.


We know that NHS services are facing increasing demand at a time when we are struggling to secure the workforce to sustain services into the future. We also know doing more of the same will not lead to the improvements we need to make.


Collaborating with people who use our services and our partners across the system will help us meet some of the future challenges facing our teams.


We haven’t solved our problems – we still have a long way to go, and this is one of the ways we are experimenting with sharing our learning.


We had our first filming day at Tullie House in Carlisle in November 2019 with colleagues from across North Cumbria capturing their stories and experience of trying to work differently and you can see them here:



Claire King - Consultant in Public Health for Cumbria County Council

How would you like your life to be?

Sue Gallagher - Patient and carer providing challenge to the NHS

It has to be better than this

Rachel Fleming - Developing leadership and teams – CLIC

Building relationships that work

Suzanne Hamilton - Head of improvement and development – CLIC

It starts with me – changing cultures one conversation at a time

Carolyn Otley - Engagement leader – Cumbria CVS

Collaboration in a crisis

Richard Pratt – Archdeacon of West Cumberland

Co-production – A vicar’s perspective

Julie Clayton – Head of communication and engagement – NHS North Cumbria CCG

The grey bit in the middle

Stephen Singleton - Director of CLIC

Hanging on by letting go



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Thank you to North Cumbria Health and Care partners, NHS England and Improvement and CLIC who supported the CLIC Talks project.