Practitioner Engagement on the Five Year Plan: What are our common principles to solve difficult issues?

20 and 21 May 2014


The Event Context and Purpose

The 5 Year Plan was developed by the Cumbria Health and Care Alliance, and was informed by the Better Care Together and the Together For a Healthier Future programmes. Many of you will have contributed to the development of the evolving strategies and helped to define the ‘what’ in The Plan.

The purpose of this event was to identify the ‘how’.

  • We all aspire to implement this plan more effectively than previous plans. 
  • We have all been through planning cycles before so what must be different this time?
  • What must we do better, what must we do better together and what must change?


The Task

The task was to describe:

  • The next 5 years - what's going to be different this time?
  • What is going to resonate with practitioners and leaders across the health and care system and influence the leadership of a successful implementation.  




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