Advice/ Consultancy/ Bespoke Support

We have the expertise to offer support to teams who are keen to address any part of our system priorities. We will:

  • Help teams to diagnose the precise issue they need to address
  • Plan the intervention needed to resolve the issue
  • Deliver the interventions agreed over a period of time by facilitating experiential learning for the team
  • Offer support to team leaders so enable them to sustain improvements made and continue the improvement journey for their team


One tool we use to develop team working is Relational coordination. Relational Coordination measures the quality of relationships and communication involved in the coordination of work processes. It does this by looking at seven evidenced based elements:

  • Relationships - Respect, shared goals, shared knowledge
  • Communication - that is Adequate, timely, frequent enough and problem solving in focus


These elements are mutually reinforcing and add value to getting the task done. So positive relational coordination enables high performance and delivery, poor relational coordination jeopardises effectiveness.



Team leaders wishing to find out more about this should also visit our Toolkits.