Coaching - Helen Ledger

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Job Title: North Integrated Urgent Care Lead (North Region)
Organisation: NHS England







Helen commenced nursing in 1984 and worked as a nurse for 17 years, mostly in cancer care, culminating with managing a 27 bedded radiotherapy ward. Moving to Cumbria in 2000 enabled a change into non-clinical management roles; which involved leading the introduction of patient choice. In 2006 Helen progressed into a senior commissioning role; a continuation of her performance role alongside working in localities and leading on re designing patient pathways. Since 2013 Helen has worked as Head of Assurance and Delivery for NHS England covering Cumbria & North East. Currently she is on secondment to the north regional team leading on Integrated Urgent Care.


Helen is an experienced mentor/coach who has worked across the NHS for over 30 years; she has a clinical background and since 2000 has worked in various management roles around commissioning and performance. She is an advocate for staff and believes relationship and teamwork is vital to delivering outcomes for our patients. Helen has completed the 5 day ILM 5 Coaching and Mentoring course with the North East Leadership Academy and is in the process of completing the assignments. Helen is a keen listener who believes individuals and teams are able, with encouragement, to problem solve. She enjoys helping individuals and teams to set realistic goals after full discussion around the options. She is happy to share her experience when appropriate and make active suggestions. Helen’s style is energetic and enthusiastic alongside compassion and empathy.



  • Helen is a true leader bringing both fun and reality to the workplace. As a result of working with Helen I have gained real insight into my areas for development and have been supported to build on my strengths and develop areas of improvement, within a time of great organisational change. Helen strengths include leader, clinical advocate, team worker, adviser and always available to listen and support all.
  • Helen has been an inspirational and supportive mentor. She has really helped me establish and focus on my career goals, as well as manage my work life balance. Helen always lead our session so I came away feeling focussed and raring to take on the challenges in front of me.”