Coaching - Nick Jackson

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Name: Nick Jackson
Job Title: Senior Commissioning & Support Officer
Organisation: North of England Commissioning Support Unit (and CLIC Associate)
Background: Customer Service, Training, Organisational Development, and Service Improvement








I have spent the last four years coaching people through organisational change and improvement to release time to care and deliver financial savings and have considerable experience in various areas of the NHS in Cumbria prior to this. Previously I have worked for several large organisations such as British Gas, Telecom New Zealand, and British Telecom in service improvement, coaching and training roles.


I have a strong belief that real progress lies not in teaching but in helping people to learn. When coaching, my aim is to support the individual towards a goal aligned with their values and to create space for an honest and constructive conversation. I will help in developing the clarity and self-awareness required to achieve your goals. You have more potential than you realise and only through growing and trusting your capabilities can your goals be achieved.


I am currently an Improvement and Development Practitioner within NCIC, a CLIC associate, and an accredited coach and mentor with the Chartered Management Institute.