What is Engaging for Improvement?

The success of any improvement project lies in engagement and involvement of the right people from the outset.  Engaging for Improvement focuses on identifying an idea for change, making sure that the right information is gathered to understand and support your change and help you engage with your own team and wider stakeholders.  Your Sponsor is vital to the success of your scheme and can help you to overcome any barriers you encounter along the way.

The Engaging for Improvement approach is a six step approach designed to be worked through over a period of 20 weeks.  However the principles apply equally to smaller or larger scale projects that will take less or more than the recommended 20 week duration.

We have developed Engaging for Improvement from our experience over the last 3 years of Listening into Action and the continuing development and spread of the Cumbria Production System (CPS).  This approach brings together tried and tested tools that are part of CPS and our transformational model.


The Engaging for Improvement Six Step Approach