Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) - What are the benefits of an RPIW?

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What are the benefits of an RPIW?

RPIWs are part of cultural change and help to embed improvement into the way we work, they shine a light on waste and allow us to scrutinise any process. They are a catalyst for change. 

The structure of the RPIW process, active participation of all participants, and focus on rapid change all allow for greater success of process improvement initiatives. The benefits of any change are generally immediate and effective, with all those involved fully engaged and enthused by the process, feeling valued and contributing to the effectiveness of their particular area. The process focuses on speed, efficiency, and delivering consistently high quality to service users. The RPIW also gives an opportunity for participants to learn about improvement tools and approaches and try these out during the workshop. Ideally participants then become champions for future improvement work and support for other RPIWs.